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Flavor Fiesta: Sip Your Way to a Vibrant Day!

At Sphynx Drinks, our goal is to transform your beverage experience. Bid farewell to the hazy aftermath of alcohol and welcome an invigorating burst of energy! We're here to break the monotony of traditional, alcohol-heavy choices and introduce you to a vibrant world of fruity blends that'll make your taste buds dance with delight. It's not just about refreshment; it's a flavour fiesta that lets you make healthier choices without sacrificing enjoyment!


Join The Party With The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks Australia Offers!

Join the Sphynx party and crack open a well-earned zero-alcohol beer or your favourite bottle of zero-alcohol wine! We’ve made it our mission to provide Australians with the best selection of non-alcoholic drinks anywhere in the country. Our painstakingly curated range of alcohol-free beverages includes beers, ciders, wines, spirits, cheeky tonics, sodas and awesome mixers.

The Sphynx Guarantee


Australian Business

Founded by three great mates, Sphynx is exceptionally proud to be a 100% Australian-owned and operated online non-alcoholic beverages company providing thirsty Australians with an alternative.


Renew Your Well-Being and Health

Swap the hangovers for an energetic bounce in your step! Non-alcoholic drinks keep you refreshed and rejuvenated, minus the fuzzy head the next morning - party like it’s 1999!


Curated Range of Zero Alcohol Drinks

Working in partnership with the best local breweries, distillers, and winemakers to curate the globe’s finest selection of alcohol-free drinks Australia or the world has ever seen..

Why Choose Sphynx Drinks?

Over the past few years, more and more Australians have been reducing their consumption of alcohol. It has seen people searching for alcohol-free drink alternatives that allow them to enjoy the taste of their favourite beverage without the drawbacks. Zero-alcohol beverages are seeing people able to socialise, have fun, and party just as hard with an alcohol-free drink in their hand. With no more smashing hangovers, plus the excellent health benefits over regular boozy beverages, why choose anything else?


Shop For Alcohol-Free Drinks By Collection

Sphynx has made it simple to find your favourite alcohol-free drinks. Australia is leading the charge regarding delicious alcohol-free alternatives, and you’ll have no worries picking up the perfect tipple with our online collection. Whether you’re shopping for beers and cider, wines or spirits, you can order non-alcoholic drinks online at Sphynx by simply navigating the categories on our website. We also have tonics, sodas, and mixers among our selection of alcohol-free beverages and some excellent pre-mixed, no-alcohol drink options.

Find Your Perfect Non-Alcoholic Beverage at Sphynx Drinks

Wherever your tastes lie, we’ll have the perfect non-alcoholic beverage that allows you to enjoy the party without any regrets and that following day hangover that makes you regret the night before. Whether it’s a non-alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic wine, or non-alcoholic spirits, Sphynx alcohol-free drinks are ideal for enjoying the taste of your favourite beverage without the adverse effects of alcohol. With our outstanding selection of Australian drinks, non-alcoholic options allow you to enjoy yourself and party while staying responsible and sober.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks &
Non-Alcoholic Beverages FAQs

What are the top non-alcoholic drinks?

Wines and beers are always popular as they replace what many people would drink on social occasions like weddings or BBQs. Mocktails have become increasingly more popular as well as a no-alcohol drink option. With Sphynx's range of spirits and mixers,  it’s dead simple to mix up non-alcoholic drinks such as a zero alcohol G ‘n’ T, cranberry spritz or piña colada.

What is a good alternative to drinking alcohol?

In recent years, many Australians have sought an excellent non-alcoholic drink alternativeto their favourite beer, wine or spirit. They want a refreshing substitute that tastes great but won’t have the obvious drawbacks of a traditional alcoholic beverage. If you're going to cut down or ultimately end your alcohol consumption, Sphynx's range of non-alcoholic drinks is the perfect alternative. If you practice mindful drinking or are teetotal, zero-alcohol beer, wines, ciders, or spirits are tremendous and offer several health benefits.

Is there still alcohol in non-alcoholic drinks?

Due to the process involved in making non-alcoholic drinks, there may still be trace amounts of alcohol present. For a beverage to get considered a non-alcoholic drink, the amount of alcohol present must be below 0.5%. Because these non-alcoholic beverages contain very small amounts of alcohol, they are not for individuals that alcohol dependent or that need to avoid the consumption of alcohol on any medical or religous grounds.

What are the health benefits of no-alcohol drinks?

There are many benefits to be had from drinking no-alcohol drinks. Many people have chosen to buy non-alcoholic drinks online from us to help them cut down on their consumption of alcohol while still enjoying the flavour of their favourite beer or wine. Switching to non-alcoholic beverages can help reduce calorie intake and increase vitamin and mineral consumption. Non-alcoholic drinks also don’t get you drunk, meaning you can socialise responsibly, drive home, and not suffer the dreaded morning-after hangover. Reducing alcohol intake can also help reduce the potential for heart disease.

Do alcohol-free drinks get you drunk?

Getting anywhere near drunk on alcohol-free drinks is practically impossible for an adult. You simply couldn't ingest enough non-carbonated or carbonated non-alcoholic beverages even to get a slight buzz. Our non-alcoholic drink menu was curated so drinkers looking to cut down on their consumption or non-drinkers could enjoy the flavour profile of alcoholic drinks without the adverse effects. An alcohol-free drink option allows you to socialise with others and enjoy the fantastic flavours of beer, wine or a spirit, and you’d be very hard-pressed to tell the difference between the two.

Do you deliver non-alcoholic drinks Australia-wide?

If you buy non-alcoholic drinks online with Sphynx and place your order before 12pm, the order will get shipped the same day to anywhere in Australia. Most of our orders use the Australia Post eParcel Wine service. This method is extremely reliable and allows you to track your order once it has been dispatched. This method is generally swift and efficient, although you need to make small allowances for the delivery of Sphynx alcohol-free drinks at peak times of the year, such as Christmas, New Year, and around public holidays. It is the most secure way to deliver orders of zero-alcohol drinks across Australia!

Can you buy non-alcoholic beverages under 18 in Australia?

All of Sphynx's non-alcoholic beverages contain less alcohol than the level required to get considered an alcoholic beverage by the Liquor Control Reform Act. If you are under 18, you can legally buy non-alcoholic drinks online. We have created a massive selection of the best non-alcoholic beverages that allows younger generations to enjoy a bottle of beer with the footy, or a glass of wine at a family dinner or social gathering, legally and responsibly.

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