Non-Alcoholic Mixers

For those who want to enjoy some of the incredible and spectacular flavour profiles of a traditional cocktail with alcohol but booze-free and delivered with just as much punch, we’d like to introduce you to the Sphynx range of cocktail mixers. Our menu is packed with the finest non-alcoholic cocktail mixers, from margarita mixers, a daiquiri mocktail mixer, rose, caramel pomegranate, and pineapple syrup alcohol-free mixers. You have so many choices, from natural and artificial flavours to colours and sugar content. We’re excited for you to get cracking with our non-alcoholic mixers and put together classic cocktails that you’ll love.
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Revolutionise The Meaning Of Cocktail Hour with Our Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Mixers and Mocktail Mixers!

In recent years, the uprising of non-alcoholic mixers and cocktail mixer syrup has seen an enormous shift in the market for cocktails and given a massive swing and revolutionised how people are consuming their favourite cocktail products. The choices you have now from our collection of the best mixers for cocktails make it super simple to pick a product you’ll love and have it delivered to your doorstep ready for the next time you fancy an aperitif.

Whether you need the best non-alcoholic margarita mix or cocktail syrup mixers to make the perfect Mango Cooler, Ginger Julep, or Grapefruit Paloma. Sphynx has your back with every ingredient you’ll need, from a bottle of water to gourmet cocktail mixers. All you need to add is your cocktail mixer set, and you'll be good to go. Happy hour just took a massive upturn now that you can buy cocktail mixers online, have them delivered, and blend the finest no-alc mocktails anywhere on the globe, at home!

Sphynx Drinks Has The Best Margarita Mix And Cocktail Syrup Mixers Available Online!

When you choose Sphynx Drinks, you’ll open yourself to the world’s best margarita mix collection. We’ve got Capi Spicy Watermelon Margarita in a 5-litre goon. It has the naturally sweet watermelon, a note of lime, and capsicum for the heat. Or our Mr Consistent Margarita Mix, a superb margarita syrup mix that features a tremendous natural balance between sweet and tart by including lime, orange blossom water, agave nectar, and citrus syrup.

If you don’t want a pre-blended alcohol-free margarita mix, grab yourself a no-alc tequila and mix away using the best cocktail mixers available anywhere in Australia or the southern hemisphere. If a margarita isn’t your thing, use our range of non-alcolic spirits and cocktail mixers and get adventurous behind the bar. The choices are yours, and they’re endless. Grab yourself a strawberry margarita mix or any of our non-alcoholic mixers, throw them in your online cart, and let the fun begin.

Experiment And Create The Finest Cocktail Ever Made With The Best Cocktail Mixers Australia Offers!

We’re pretty sure that everyone likes a cocktail, maybe a margarita, Manhattan, negroni, espresso martini, or mimosa. Using a simple syrup mixer and our menu of alcohol free spirits, you’ll be able to mix up any of these world-famous cocktails. Knock up an espresso martini with Little Dipper non-alc mixer and a shot of Lyre’s dry vermouth. We provide the best mixers for cocktails that allow you to become the barman and mix up anything that takes your fancy.

Because we only list the best cocktail mixers in our selection, you can be sure that a simple syrup mixer's flavour profiles and aromas are perfect for experimenting and becoming an overnight mixologist. They aren’t sugar-free cocktail mixers as they use artificial flavours and sugar to closely represent the natural colours and flavour of the fruits and spices. With some imagination, you can create your very own fabulous cocktails using these essential cocktail mixers and wow guests at your next dinner party.

From Gourmet Cocktail Mixers To Sugar-Free Cocktail Mixers, We Offer The Best Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Mixers in OZ

At Sphynx, you’ll find Australia's most fabulous gourmet cocktail mixers that allow you to enjoy the flavours of your favourite drinks, alcohol, and hangover free. With sugar-free cocktail mixers and low-calorie cocktail mixers available on our menu, you can still party just as hard and for longer with no-alc mocktails. Mix up world famous cocktails like a piña colada, cosmopolitan, frozen strawberry daiquiri, espresso martini, mojito, negroni, or more modern mixes, like a passionfruit and lime cooler or a vodka and watermelon punch.

We’ve got a margarita cocktail mix, almond, caramel, rose, bubblegum, ginger, mango, and so many more that let your imagination run riot. Create non-alc versions of old-time classics, or create your own new masterpiece for 2023 with our awesomely curated non-alcoholic mixers menu. Whether it’s a daiquiri, pina colada, or margarita, mix syrup, you can play mixologist and bartender by blending the perfect virgin cocktails you can relish any time you like in your own home.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Mixers FAQs

What are some good cocktail mixers?

All the cocktail mixers we supply have been chosen carefully, so we only stock the best gourmet cocktail mixers. It all comes down to personal preference and taste, but a non-alcoholic margarita mix is always welcome at parties and social events. A pineapple syrup always goes down well if you want to mix up a classic Piña Colada or low-calorie dark rum for a rum sour or Caribbean rum punch.

What in margarita mixers?

A margarita syrup mix is quite similar to a lime cordial in many ways. Margarita mixers will contain lime, sugar, salt, and an acidity regulator such as citric acid. An alcoholic margarita mixer would include Cointreau, but Lyre’s orange sec makes the perfect no-alc replacement.

How do you use non-alcoholic mixers?

Non-alcoholic mixers get used in the same way as a mixer for an alcoholic cocktail. The beauty of cocktails is that they allow you to experiment with non-alc spirits and mocktail mixers and discover a drink you like. Or, you can stick to the classic recipes and simply replace the alcohol with a no-alcohol equivalent from our menu.

How do you make mocktails with margarita mix?

You make mocktails or virgin cocktails the same way as a regular cocktail,  without the alcohol. If you’re making a margarita, simply replace the tequila with a no-alc replacement, such as Drummerboy Mexican Agave from Lyre’s. Instead of gathering separate ingredients, you can use something like Mr Consistent Margarita syrup mix or any other margarita cocktail mix. Doing this is also a great way of making yourself a wicked non-alcoholic frozen margarita mix.

Why are alcohol-free mixers so popular in 2023?

Alcohol-free mixers are constantly gaining in popularity, and 2023 will be another blockbuster for the no-alc industry. So many individuals are now choosing to drink zero-alc cocktails for the health benefits over alcoholic cocktails, allowing people to enjoy the flavours of their favourite aperitif still.

Do you sell low-calorie cocktail mixers?

They are non necessarily low-calorie cocktail mixers because they do contain artificial flavours and sugar. Combined with a good quality spirit, they have far fewer calories because the alcohol content has been removed. Alcohol contains no nutritional value, and calories are considered as being empty calories, so switching to a mocktail made using non-alcoholic mixers is a great way to minimise your alcohol consumption and look after your health while still enjoying yourself.

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