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Are there options to buy custom packages and larger quantities at better prices?

Absolutely. Reach out our team for a chat about what we can offer your business or group–we can craft custom packages for end of year or special occasion gifting, source niche products, or offer gift cards and delivery options.

How long does delivery take?

You can see the precise delivery schedule at checkout, but it’s usually less than a few days.

Where do you deliver?

Anywhere in Australia!

Do non-alcoholic drinks contain any alcohol?

Some do, and some don’t. All of our offering falls under the legal category of non-alcoholic drinks, but there may still be a small amount of alcohol in some (less than 0.5%), due to the fermentation process of creating some beers and wines. You’ll be able to see these precise alcohol amounts on each product. Because most of our range is still marketed and branded in a similar way to alcohol brands, they’re not suitable for children.

I’ve got questions about the range or service - who can I speak to?

Reach out to our Customer Service team and we’ll talk you through anything you want to know, from our range to our delivery timings.

Why the cat?

Because a cat is chilled out and laid-back, with a no-stress attitude and a commitment to finer things in life. Because a cat is confident in its own skin (or fur), happy to run its own race and curious about doing things a little differently. And because when you're choosing non-alc drinks, whether it's every once in a while or as a permanent change, there's no more hair of the dog–it's about the good times, enjoying the moment, and not regretting it the next day.

Who should buy non-alcoholic drinks?

Anyone who wants to! Sphynx is a no-judgement space, so whether you’ve never drunk, you’re cutting back or throwing in the towel completely, you’re welcome at our table. We would say that if there are medical reasons for avoiding alcohol, you should speak to a professional about whether our range is right for you.

Are you locally owned?

We’re 100% Australian owned and operated. We were founded by three mates who recognised that the non-alcoholic drinks industry wasn’t being looked after by the big boys in liquor - they tend to shove a limited range in to a dusty corner of the furthest fridge. We wanted to create a place where anyone can find a huge, fun range of drinks, from non-alc beers to spirits, ciders and more.


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