ETCH Sparkling- Honey & Rosewater

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This delicious honey-hued sparkler contains a hint of local natural honey sourced from the Mornington Peninsula plants which gives this it's ever so slightly sweet profile. The Etch HNY has a mid-strength mouthful with notes of caramel, sweet spice and floral with an uplifting and balanced off-dry finish. Created in Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Etch Sparkling is an adult range of sparkling non-alcoholic drinks crafted with local Native Australian fruits and herbs. perfect on their own, but each can also be used as a mixer with your favourite non-alcoholic spirit and garnish. This is a low sugar (just 2.4g per 10mls) drink, and free from preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

ABV: 0%

Calories: 3

Sugar: 2.4

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