Monceau Sparkling Non-Alc Blood Orange 750ml

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Monceau Blood Orange is brewed with blood oranges from the South Australian Riverland, yielding floral, aromatic notes and a perfect balance of sour and sweet. Utilising an ancestral method borrowed from p≈Ωtillant naturel winemaking, Monceau undergoes two fermentations. The second fermentation, in-bottle, creates natural carbonation and ever-evolving flavour profiles. Born out of a passion for low intervention, natural ferments, Monceau eschews the artificially-carbonated soft-drink style Kombucha on supermarket shelves. The focus instead is to elevate kombucha to the level of natural wine, craft beer and cider, creating sophisticated, complex flavour profiles. With alcohol levels slightly above 1%, Monceau Pet Nat Kombucha is the kind of drink you want to share with friends and family over dinner.

ABV: 1.1%

Calories: 0

Sugar: 2

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