Seadrift Wild Hibiscus

Seadrift Wild Hibiscus is a pink coastal non-alcoholic "gin” style product. Distilled from juniper berries, fresh basil, rosemary and infused with wild hibiscus flowers. The drink opens on a sweet tropical notes of Hibiscus flowers, and freshly torn basil leaves. This evolves into the pepper notes of juniper berries and rosemary, backed by a citrus zing of lemongrass.
Distilled in small batch runs, in traditional copper pot stills at Australia's first non-alcoholic distillery. Seadrift Wild Hibiscus is best served in a long glass filled with crushed ice. Serve 50ml's over ice, topped up with your favourite tonic water, then garnish with a sprig of fresh basil.

ABV: 0%

Calories: 1

Sugar: 0.1

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